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#becool2asians is a grassroots non-profit media campaign to combat the epidemic of anti-Asian Hate rising across the United States. COVID-19 is racialized in this country. Asian Americans are being unjustly scapegoated for the Coronavirus in increasingly violent ways.

100+ incidents of anti-Asian Hate are being reported per day with Asian women 3x as likely to be targeted.

Additionally, systemic racism has resulted in African Americans and Latinx disproportionately dying from the virus. African Americans have historically borne the brunt of systemic racism and police violence in this country as well. Our message is call for support and unity with our Black and Brown brothers and sisters.

Black Lives Matter.

We can only overcome racial injustice if we STAND TOGETHER with ALL communities of color. Our very lives are on the line.

We welcome allies of all racial and ethnic backgrounds to help us stop the spread of misinformation and hate.

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