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Valerie Chow

Founder, Executive Producer

Television Executive Producer, Valerie Chow was herself a target of a verbal and attempted physical assault from anti-Asian COVID aggression. She channeled her experience into launching the #becool2asians campaign.

Valerie is the founder of Thirsty Tiger Television, a unscripted production company who has produced everything from digital spots for BMW to series on Netflix. She is a veteran Development Executive and Showrunner of unscripted television for networks like Netflix, TLC, Food Network and Nat Geo Wild. Valerie has created and developed over 30 shows and been the Showrunner of over 40 television programs.


Stephen Goetsch

Supervising Editor

Stephen and Valerie have collaborated for over a decade on television series on major networks. From his roots in Wisconsin 2 decades ago, Stephen has become an accomplished Editor of film and television, editing hundreds of hours of national television.


Stephen has created several independent feature films
including the horror film “Alive or Dead,” for Lionsgate Films, and the feature documentary “A Coup In Camelot” on the JFK Assassination. He is an Emmy-nominated Editor and also an award-winning screenwriter, PGA member, inventor and entrepreneur.

Grace Chen.jpeg

Grace A. Chen, Mental Health Coordinator and Consultant

Trina Sanyal

Web Designer 

Grace A. Chen, Ph.D., is a licensed psychologist, life coach, and psychology doctoral student advisor/coach based in Menlo Park, CA. She provides culturally sensitive services to a variety of individuals, including Asians/Asian Americans, other People of Color, immigrants, women, and LGBTQ folks. 

Trina Sanyal is a rising senior at Tufts University studying Film and Architecture. She is honored to be working as a part of this campaign which arrives at an unprecedented moment in time, and hopes to bring her skills as a designer in moving it forward. More of her work and experience can be found here.


Chicken Chow-Main

Chief of Security

Chicken received his degree in Stranger Danger and Territorial Protection from Trump University. He relies on nepotism and his "French Bulldog Privilege" of cuteness to keep his job - napping through 90% of his shifts.  A rabid Conservative, Chicken is incensed when asked to share his food, toys or water. He also obstinately believes that anyone coming "over the border" into his Homeland is a Murderer and must be viciously attacked. Fortunately, he complains constantly but doesn't Vote.



David Dickerson,

Editor, Lunch with LisFrontline Heroes

A Boston native and USC graduate, David got his start editing comedy sketches. He has since moved on to editing short form content for several big brands, with a focus on current social issues. He lives in Los Angeles with his tabby cat, Eddie Murphy.

thumbnail_Moses Profile.jpg

Moses Farrow

Mental Health Coordinator

Moses Farrow is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 20 years experience in the mental health field. He is a national speaker and presenter on issues of racism and adoption. He has advocated for child abuse prevention, suicide awareness and the need to end the stigma of mental health.


Eric Guideng

Camera Operator, Black Lives Matter Support Video

Eric Guideng is a Vegas-based photographer and cinematographer with a decade of experience in the TV, film, and commercial advertising business. 


Patrick Mong

Producer, Black Lives Matter Support Video

Pat is a regular and beloved member of Valerie's television production crews. His is an accomplished Assistant Director of film and television. Pat is also an aspiring Director with a goal of increasing Asian American visibility in film and television.

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